mila schön milano
fall winter 2019 2020

A blank slate. An opening of possibilities.

Mila starts a new in Milano, where it all started. Mila Schön’s modernism is timeless because it kept moving in synch with the times. It continues to do so. Reverting back to the original spirit of the quintessentially Milanese maison, Mila Schön heralds the unfussy virtues of modernism. Now. Modern as synonymous with classic, because classic means timeless. Mila’s classicism coincides with its modernism. Modern as accurate, simple, effective, effortless clothing. Modern as a language that matches exactitude with beauty, precision with soulfulness. Modern as an efficient wardrobe that is designed to be worn in endless combinations according to individual whims. Modular clothing meant to make modern living easier. An edit of items with no expiry date, building blocks of an ongoing selection that grows organically one collection after the other, following a seasonless plan.

A progression, beginning from zero. Collection Zero is the reboot.

The approach is straightforward and sensorial: the clean cuts and double face constructions let the beauty of the material - cashmeres, wools, silks - talk through. The beauty of the material, on its turn, speaks through the intensity of color. Solid, vibrant hues, or muted natural tones invite items to be touched. Senses are simulated in unison. The line-up features coats, jackets, sweaters; a dress; a mini, midi or maxy skirt; a knit jacket, a stole. Solid surfaces or rhythmic stripes. Clothing as modules of a personal discourse, designed to match different functions and occasions, seamlessly.

Truth, honesty, utility. A radical and unremitting idea of luxury: apparent anonymity that makes modern living elegant.

“Lessness" is the medium and the message: timeless, ageless and effortless. In Milano.